Feeding Opportunities On demand

 The organization is Feeding Opportunities for Oakland Dependents (F.O.O.D) known as the  Hunger Intervention Program Helping Other People (HIPHOP) has now changed to Feeding Opportunities on Demand as we want to serve more communities.  F.O.O.D's  mission as a non-profit Community Outreach Program intervenes in the lives of the people with food insecurities and the unhoused/unsheltered and underserved people in our community. We endeavor to meet their immediate need by providing hot nutritional meals regardless of race, religion, gender or disability. Food insecurities and homelessness are intractable issues in the Bay Area and Northern California. F.O.O.D's vision is we are committed to help our community  by encouraging, providing hope and serving with dignity by providing hot food and unconditional love. In Alameda County, more than 214,000 people are food insecure—a rate of 13.4 percent—and in 2017, over 5,600 residents were counted as homeless.  An article in the San Francisco Chronicle dated July 27, 2019 title; Mayors in Alameda County Want Shuttered Jail Converted into Homeless Shelter. The article states, that Oakland made up nearly half the county’s homeless population with a 47% increase  As housing prices continue to soar, more and more families are priced out or shut out, and those who are already without shelter have few or no options for affordable housing. Oakland and other cities struggle to find and implement policies to house those who are displaced. But often those efforts yield temporary fixes rather than permanent solutions, and in some instances public officials cause more harm. In the past two years, the city evicted residents of two drug- and alcohol-free homeless encampments—one in North Oakland, the other in East Oakland—despite protests and legal challenges. Both models were organized around safety, particularly for women and children, and the one in East Oakland had enough donated food and medical supplies for residents and homeless drop-ins. Amid the chaos of homelessness and forced displacement, the HipHop Project—a nonprofit mobile kitchen—is an oasis for comfort food and social service connections. Serving the needs of homeless families and individuals means providing hot meals on site and facilitating connections to help homeless people find permanent housing, employment, medical and mental health services. Food is the ultimate human right. without food, we cannot expect people to learn, work, raise a family or be a productive member of society. F.O.O.D aims to bring healthy made from scratch meals to every person experiencing food hardships in Oakland, the East Bay and beyond. Serving people in an atmosphere of acceptance, love and respect.  The HipHop Program was concepted because we noticed a need in the community and what better way for two chefs to give back then to offer hot nutritional meals in an innovative way. We official turned this idea into a nonprofit corporation through the California Secretary of State in February 2018. Tanisha Roberson, was born and raised in Oakland, California and Cindy was born in Merced, California. Both have a deep rooted compassion for serving people and being of service to people. Cindy Carter-Hodges and Tanisha Roberson partnered with Love Center Ministries church in East Oakland, in August 2017. Love Center Ministries, provides commercial kitchen space, and storage. This is the very church location were we then launched this self-funded pilot feeding program on August 23, 2017. During the pilot, the mobile kitchen has served over 8000 food insecure people in Oakland, and  the East Bay Contra Costa area. Now that F.O.O.D has proof of concept, the program is seeking support for a full program launch. F.O.O.D/HIPHOP has formed many partnerships in Alameda County and the East Bay, Contra Costa County to reach more people with food insecurities. We have partnered with Roots Community Health Center 9925 International Blvd CA 94603., website is www.rootsclinic.org  We feed onsite at Roots every 1-3rd Wednesdays noon until food is gone.  Oakland LGBTQ Center, 3207 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland CA. 94610, www.oaklandlgbtqcenter.org.  We  provide catered meals for events and outreach when feeding the unhoused/unsheltered and people with food insecurities.  In the East Bay we have partnered with Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch, 3415 Oakley Rd, Antioch, CA. 94509,  www.gbfofantioch.org.  We park the "RIG" close to the Antioch Amtrak station in downtown Antioch and serve hot nutritional meals. GBF New Way to Fish then ministries to people as they come and eat.  People are being feed a nutritious meal and spiritually. We do this every other month, every 3rd Saturday from 10am-2pm.