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Mission and Vision

F.O.O.D/HIPHOP and The Communities We Serve


Feeding Opportunities On Demand  previously known as Feeding Opportunities for Oakland Dependents/HIPHOP is a non-profit Community Outreach Program that intervenes in the lives of the food insecure, unhoused/unsheltered and the marginalized residents of the community. We endeavor to meet their immediate needs by providing hot nutritional meals and meeting people where they are regardless of race, religion, gender or disability.


Our vision is to be the largest mobile emergency meal center or food kitchen that meet people where they are. Feeding Opportunities On Demand is committed to helping communities thrive and encourage by providing hope and dignity by serving hot nutritional home-style meals and unconditional love to all.

 Chef Cindy has always loved to cook and help anyone in need. Chef  Tanisha "Nini"  Roberson, is a native of Oakland and she also loves to cook and help people in need. Cindy and Tanisha along with the "Visionary" Pastor Kenneth Smith launched F.O.O.D,  a non-profit organization as a platform for their community service work. F.O.O.D is committed to helping  the unhoused/unsheltered and anyone experiencing food insecurities. F.O.O.D, provides hope so people will be encouraged, refreshed and reassured about their living situation


About Us


Our Team

Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to  helping others. Think  you would be a good fit? Contact us!


Our History

We started as a whisper and now a reality!!!  This is a successful "pilot" program that has grown into a non profit organization with a Fiscal Sponsor Another Choice Antoher Chance.


Our Goals

 HipHop Program  provides  meals as an on-site emergency food provider, a service program that complements food pantries and soup kitchens by providing hot nutrtional meals and meeting people where they are at.

a Four fold program that offer Solutions

Additional Information

The conversation is always about housing the unhoused/unsheltered. There is very little conversation on feeding people hot nutritional meals. The brown bag services offered are wonderful. But what if you don't have the means to cook or store the food. What if you are disabled or have mental limitations that enable you from cooking or storing food properly? People that are food insecure deal with many health issues that tax the county, state and federal health systems.  “Providing our unhoused neighbors with healthy food not only reduces their food insecurity, but in some cases it increases their stability. So they can address other life challenges.” says Irene Garcia, Senior Program Coordinator and leader of the Food Bank’s Unhoused Workgroup. This is why this innovative program is so vital and needed in the Oakland communities and beyond.

1) We are a mobile emergency meal center/food kitchen we meet people where they are at, at their need., utilizing a 24ft mobile kitchen called the “RIG” We are able to serve thousands of people on site a hot nutritious meal  in encampments, temporary housing, community cabins and permanent housing that have no cooking facilities, and or food storage. 

2)  We have the ability to serve people in all phases of their transition from being unhoused/unsheltered into permanent housing. A percentage of this demographic does not possess the capability or ability to prepare their own meals due to mental health issues and physical disabilities and or a combination of both. 

3) Homelessness is a transition back into mainstream society and some people need to be reprogrammed to keep their living areas free of unsanitary conditions.

This also lessens the risk of fires by having hot meals served to people who are transitioning back into society instead of leaving them to their own devices. 

4) The organization  can offer culinary training to those that have the skill set to learn and get on the job training by helping prepare the food we serve. At the end of the training course they will receive a certificate of completion and have the skillset to work a job..  One  of the organizations we partner with that has job placement can then assist them on finding a job.


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